8th Iberian Meeting on AsteroSeismology (Imas)

8th Imas

New insights on stellar interiors physics and evolution are being made possible by asteroseismology. This paradigm shift has largely been due to the exquisite space-based photometry made available by CNES/ESA’s CoRoT and NASA’s Kepler/K2 missions. The future is bright, with NASA’s TESS and ESA’s PLATO space missions promising to raise the number of known oscillating stars by several orders of magnitude, aided from the ground by dedicated networks like SONG and next-generation spectrographs like ESPRESSO.

Following the successful reinstallment last year of the Iberian Meeting on AsteroSeismology (Imas) series, we give continuity to this series of meetings by welcoming the Iberian community working on asteroseismology and related fields to the 8th Iberian Meeting on AsteroSeismology — Laying the groundwork for the road ahead. This will be a place to foster new collaborations and consolidate existing ones, discuss the challenges lying ahead, and find new, joint funding opportunities.


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