Completed Theses

Completed PhD and MSc theses (since 2020).

  • [MSc] Andreas Neitzel. Title: Determination of age and mass for seismic stars in the Ariel input catalog. Supervisors: Diego Bossini and Tiago Campante. URL
  • [MSc] Margarida Santiago. Title: Evolution and dynamics of solar H-alpha filaments and their relation with Space Weather events. Supervisors: Ricardo Gafeira. URL
  • [MSc] Pedro Martins. Title: O ambiente de novos enxames estelares jovens na Galáxia exterior: um estudo no milímetro e no infravermelho. Supervisors: João Yun.
  • [PhD] Filipe Pereira. Title: Detection and characterization of planets orbiting oscillating red-giant stars with NASA’s TESS mission. Supervisors: Tiago Campante, Margarida Cunha, and Nuno Santos. URL
  • [MSc] Filipa Barros. Title: Initial condition estimation in flux tube simulations using Machine Learning. Supervisors: André Restivo, João Lima, and Rui Pinto. URL
  • [MSc] Hernán Asorey. Title: The star-disk interaction in Young Stellar Objects. Supervisors: Jorge Filipe Gameiro. URL
  • [PhD] Benard Nsamba. Title: Asteroseismic characterization of exoplanet-host stars in preparation for NASA’s TESS and ESA’s PLATO space missions. Supervisors: Mário João Monteiro and Tiago Campante. URL
  • [PhD] Guilherme Teixeira. Title: On the variability of young massive stars. Supervisors: Nanda Kumar and Mário João Monteiro. URL
  • [PhD] Pedro Sarmento. Title: Towards a comprehensive understanding of tiny stars in the near-infrared domain — Determining stellar parameters of FGK and M dwarfs from their APOGEE spectra using the spectral synthesis method. Supervisors: Bárbara Rojas-Ayala and Elisa Delgado Mena. URL
  • [PhD] Raquel Albuquerque. Title: Accretion versus outflow regions around Young Stellar Objects. Supervisors: João Lima, Jorge Filipe Gameiro, and Christophe Sauty. URL