Resources (software tools, microsites, and infographics) developed and/or maintained by Group members.

Software tools
  • gptransits
    A Gaussian Process regression framework for the simultaneous fit of stellar signals and planetary transits.
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    A Machine Learning tool for the derivation of Teff and [Fe/H] for M dwarfs.
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  • 2D-Gaussian Fitting
    A tool for fitting Gaussian surfaces to images of astronomical objects.
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  • ACTIN 2
    A tool for calculating user-defined spectroscopic activity indices for different spectrographs.
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  • pyrhk
    A tool for calculating log R’HK and estimating stellar rotation periods and ages.
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  • rhk_kde
    A tool for estimating the activity variability PDF and simulating stellar populations with given log R’HK levels and dispersion.
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  • parallel_desire_sir_rh
    Wrapper to run the radiative transfer code RH and the spectropolarimetric inversion codes SIR and DeSIRe in parallel.
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  • Interactive microsite Music of the Stars
    Explore, through interactive diagrams, some of the concepts of stellar physics.
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  • Massive stars’ formation paradigm
    This infographic illustrates the paradigm of star formation based on the idea of matter flowing down filaments in nebulae.
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